FPCC compassionately provides programs to ease the burden of low to moderate income individuals who struggle with life’s basic needs.

Our Mission

Fletcher Place Community Center (FPCC) exists to break the cycle of poverty through hope, compassion, and renewal.

Our Vision

While the operations and location have evolved in the past 150 years, the mission has essentially remained the same since 1872, FPCC and its predecessor organizations exist to ease the suffering of those struggling with life’s basic needs in the near south side of Indianapolis. Initially located within the Fletcher Place Methodist Episcopal Church, built on land donated by FPCC’s namesake, Calvin Fletcher, FPCC served poor German, Italian, and Irish immigrants that had recently relocated to the south side of Indianapolis. In 1961, through sponsorship by the Methodist Church City Council and Church Extension Society of Indianapolis, FPCC first incorporated to establish a neighborhood house to carry on its mission. The closing of the Fletcher Place Methodist Episcopal Church in 1970 forced services to relocate to 410 S. College Avenue. In 2004, after a complete renovation and in an effort to be closer to the community FPCC served, the Board of Directors moved FPCC to its current building location at the corner of Prospect and State Street, just east of the Fountain Square historical district.

Taking care of the community is something everyone can do. Work with us to help families who are coping with difficult times. From Christmas help, to a free store, to a community garden, to early childhood education, we work all year to support families throughout the community. Contact us for more details.

With roots in the United Methodist Church, in 1872, Fletcher Place Community Center was started as a small outreach in the South side of downtown Indianapolis. 

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The History of Fletcher Place Community Center

We seek to instill and spread hope to everyone we interact with through empathy, encouragement and engagement.


We will actively collaborate with community stakeholders and clients to efficiently and effectively provide services to break the cycle of poverty.


We are committed to provide services to those in need while providing a well-rounded experience to those dedicated to the mission.


We embrace serving those in need through empathy and understanding.


We believe all people are of sacred value and treat them as such.

Respect for People

Our Values

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The near south side of Indianapolis has always been poverty-stricken, as inexpensive housing opportunities have made it a refuge for the poorest of the poor.  

Fletcher Place is a historic district within the south side of Indianapolis, clearly defined by I-70/I-65 to the south, South Street to the north, East Street to the west, and Virginia Avenue to the east. Cheap housing, low incomes and inaccessibility to quality food and education has created a community where crime is rampant and clients are highly transient, moving to a more affluent neighborhood as soon as they are financially stable. 

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Who We Serve

David Owen
Retired UMC Clergy

Lara Noren
Retired, Eli Lilly 

John Cusson
President, Silly Safaris

Beth Opell
Horizon League

William Butler
Fund Development Chair
Retired, Sales

Katie Colden

Erin Weesner, President
Indiana Pacers

Suzanne Conger, Vice President
Executive & Volunteers
Retired, Attorney

Cindy Munerol, Treasurer
Retired, AT&T

Akilah Michel, Secretary
Executive & Program/Garden
Roche Diagnostics

Jillian Fuhs, Past President
Eli Lilly 

Randy Sorrell
Retired Business Owner & Artist

Lisa Wenzler Savin
Program Chair
Retired, Eli Lilly

The Board of Directors of Fletcher Place Community Center works to help govern and guide the work of the organization. They are a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about the mission of Fletcher Place.

Board of Directors

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Donate to Fletcher Place Community Center and support the community. Let us bring hope, compassion, renewal to children and families struggling with financial issues.

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Central Indiana Senior Fund

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The Indianapolis Foundation

Ahrendts Couch Foundation

Hoover Family Foundation

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United Methodist Churches of Indiana

The Brave Heart Foundation

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